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Deerman Quads
Deerman Quads
Deerman Quads
Deerman Quads
Deerman Quads

Deerman Quads

$ 3,197.50

Quads to be twin xl over twin xl.

Dimensional lumber for the framework with white painted veneers and hardwood cherry highlights stained walnut with semi gloss finish to include these areas, treads, atop safety rails and bottom bunk skirt.

Storage stairwell 24" w/added recessed storage area on both sides

Possible landing area adjustable upon install

Beadboard like photo to put on front facia top bunk and bottom bunk skirt as well as the bottom of the top bunks.

Nautical windows recessed into beadboard ends on bottom bunk areas opposite stairwell area

Full wrap around safety rails for top bunks

Both top and bottom bunks to have some recess, so sides of mattresses aren't so visible (4-6 inches)

Overall height in room is 95", we are to set bottom bunk at (variable height based on customers wishes) on install for maximum height bottom and top bunks.

1st photo orientation of bunks.

2nd photo shows beadboard

3rd photo shows safety rails and natural wood highlights

4th basic dimensions

5th room photo


Any other additions need to be added to this invoice for clarity.

The total installed for this quad set is $6395

Partial payment on this invoice is $3,197.50 (1/2 down)

The balance of $3197.50 due at installation in MA.