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Special order Pratt Utah

Special order Pratt Utah

$ 3,900.00

  • Customer to provide lodging and dumpster
  • Install is mid may in Colorado
  • Unlike the photo these will be end to end quads
  • bottom bunks are full XL mattresses and the tops are twin xl mattresses. 
  • install these along the east wall, with a staircase to get to the top bunks in the middle. 
  • drawers under the bottom beds
  • We are going for 'modern farmhouse' in terms of style of the house.
  • beds would be painted white and we'd be looking for a clean modern design. 
  • For the top bunks we'd obviously need a safety rail but want to keep this relatively streamlined (e.g. single/double bar) rather than anything larger and more ornate. 
  • Ideally there would be space for a shelf or something in the lower bunks to put a books/phone. Customer to pick out outlets.
  • I expect we'd wire so we could install a light in/above each bunk. 
  • Basic design as shown but no ceiling pieces.
  • Not included in the price are drawers at $120/each tbd
  • Lights/$80 each tbd

Total price for these beds $13900

This invoice is for $3900

Balance due at delivery $10,000