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Lazy Susan

We make all sorts of products but I really love the lazy susan.  It's just so usable, I mean it's great on a table inside or outside.  It's awesome for parties and get together's.  The one we sell the most of is the 30".  I buy the best hardware available, the metal ball bearings are almost silent and can take the weight of 330 lbs.  It is also made for a lifetime of practical use and large enough to put plates and condiments as well as food dishes.  The weight is distributed across the full 30" and will not tip or list, it's Fantastic.  The one we are showcasing is the walnut-dark and rich and virtually seamless in the joinery.  I know you will absolutely love your new lazy susan from the Stockton Mill.

Here is what James H writes about his lazy susan, "I absolutely LOVE my Lazy Susan! It's just what I wanted. Terry was very professional to work with. His communication throughout the entire process made me feel involved and informed each step of the way. The quality and craftsmanship are outstanding. I only wish I had chosen him the first time rather than the other guy. I would have gotten the quality piece that I wanted without having to spend twice the money. I'll certainly look for Terry again in the future if I have any other projects. Thank you so much..."