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I want you to enjoy what you purchase from The Stockton Mill.  My wife and I several years ago purchased a table set from a local franchise.  It started to deteriorate quickly with everyday use. Just the wiping and the use of this table seemed to be causing it to look bad and to wobble.  I hadn't bought the warranty and as such when I voiced my complaints to the manager I had nothing coming.  What a disappointment.  The Stockton Mill has something different in mind for you. Completly.  

You will enjoy furniture I build as its mostly old school construction, dowels and such. Nothing is made with MDF core, so a wood screw will stay screwed into the place it was intended to stay.  Our tops for tables don't have cracks large enough to throw a cat through like I see on tons of "farmhouse" furniture.  Its as though early craftsmen didn't know how to build and that's just not the case. What The Stockton Mill makes IS functional as well as interesting conversation pieces into products that last! 

We are located in the heart of the Ozarks just minutes from the Stockton Lake and northwest of Springfield in Walnut Grove.   

The Stockton Mill

357 Highway W

PO Box 46 (mail to address)

Walnut Grove, Mo 65770

Please feel free to call and talk to me about your next piece of furniture, Terry at 417-691-6200