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Shipping Policy

We ship via common carrier-curb side delivery as well as fedex, usps and ups.

ALL shipping is included in the price unless the listing states differently.

Keep in mind the carriers we use are typical LTL carriers.  They are like and sometimes are FedEx Ground, Estes, Roadway, Old dominion, as well as Saia.  Sometimes freight gets damaged, it can be a problem with packing, shifting in the trucks cargo hold with other freight, it can also occur during unpacking as some items can be very heavy and or unbalanced.  This is very hard to place blame and not needed with any product we build and ship.

Call 417-691-6200 or email If your pallet or crate is damaged please DO NOT ACCEPT and notate on the drivers paperwork the reason.  If this is not the case, then...

When you unpack your item please inspect if for damage that may have happened during Shipping.  Take numbered photos close up as well as from a distance which would indicate any of the following;   showing the scuffs, marring, scratches, rub markings, and or busted/broken item(S).

Any broken pieces will be remanufactured and shipped out at no cost to you.  We can also authorize you to pick up at a local "big box" store like Menards, Lowes and Home Depot.

All scuffed, marred, scratched or rubbed items we will reimburse you to do repairs on a percentage of the items surface area that needs repaired.   If 10% of the total piece is scuffed, marred, scratched or rubbed then we will pay for 10% of the cost to replace that piece plus $25 for labor/per occurrence. If any piece is damaged due to being scuffed, marred, scratched or rubbed over 50% we will simply replace it.

We can supply the specifics on, and in most cases you the customer determine the paint/stain choice. This is done for "touch up" after the installation or put together kit/flat packed item.  We will not be responsible for damage during or after its put together, you must follow the policy prior to.




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