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On the road

My family, including my wife Angela, my sons Lee, Solomon, and Samuel as well as my new daughter-in-law Kirsten have all had a part in our lengthy road trips around the country building bunk rooms and guest rooms.  We have also made several different pieces of furniture in our mobile shop outside Home Depot and Lowes using generators and the such. Here is a photo of what this looks like:

mobile shop

Sadly to say this portion of our story has come to an end.  Our life has changed into I think so much more.  Samuel went off to the Army, and Lee and Kirsten are having a baby:).  This means more time we need to spend at home with the shop that God has given us and less and less time traveling on the road.

I wanted to share just a few places we've traveled on our journeys.  This is a google history of just this last couple of years of traveling.  

We have met tons of folks all around the nation, wonderful people that I not only call customers but also friends.  Thank you Lord for making this possible.  

I want you to know that we are NOT quitting, just reorganizing how we do business on a national level.  Furniture now will be exclusively made in our shop at home like it was before.  In the olden days of our business this is how everything was done.  My children were really young and we wanted to home school and grow with them.  As time passed by we decided that our kids should have the opportunity to see all the things God has made for us to enjoy-so we traveled.  Now that cycle is starting over with a new generation and I get to be  a grandpa:) What a joy and a privilege.