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Pine vs Hardwoods for Furniture

am getting questions about making furniture out of soft woods like pine and fir. I said "furniture"? Pine/fir is a great house building material because it's structurally sound. Lumber yards sell the 2 x 6's for 5 bucks a piece and your hobbyists love it as you can fill your truck up for little of nothing. You build the wall and put the sheetrock or panel on it, hang some siding and you are done. It sits pretty sandwiched between the wall and is relatively cheap to buy. Pine/fir is soft and wouldn't make great furniture as it dents and dings easily. Its great as the backdrop for which it is made but certainly not a good hardwood that is made for furniture. Hardwood is also sold by the board foot mostly at the specialty hardwood stores. Working with it requires joinery skills that take practice.
So if your thinking about a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time, come to your furniture maker. The Stockton Mill.