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Top safety concerns for Bunkbed owners

Bunk Bed Safety Tips approved by The Stockton Mill

  • Use guardrails on both sides of the top bunk. The gaps in the guardrails should be 3.5 inches or smaller to prevent strangulation.
  • Larger openings are for Adults only beds. 
  • Guardrails need to extend at least 5 inches above the mattress top, which includes any added mattress pad(s), to prevent kids from rolling off.
  • Check that the mattress foundation is strong and that the right mattress size is used. A smaller mattress will put distance between it and the safety rail giving opportunity for a child to "hang" between the foundation of the bed set and the rail bottom.
  • Children younger than 6 are too young to sleep in the top bunk.
  • Never let kids play on the bunk or ladder.
  • Remove dangerous objects from around the bed.
  • Keep the top bunk away from ceiling fans.
  • Install a night light near the ladder, or have dimmer lights installed.
  • Do not use the bunk bed or ladder if any parts are damaged or broken.
  • Teach kids how to carefully climb the ladder.
  • Do not allow children to attach belts, scarves or ropes to the bunk bed. This can lead to strangulation.
  • Be wary of Do-It-Yourself bunk bed kits. The designs may not meet current safety guidelines. 
  • If your child will be sleeping on a bunk bed at school (or at a summer camp), be aware that these bunk beds are not required to meet federal safety standards. If no guardrail is present or it is not at least 5 inches above the top of the mattress, you may be able to request the appropriate size guardrails from the school/camp.
  • Go to and search the products you’re considering bringing into your home to see if they have been recalled. While you are there, sign up to receive alerts about future recalls.
  • This list can be found in its entirety HERE.