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2021-2022 Quad Bunk Delivery Schedule

This will give you an ideal of our delivery schedule. Dates are filled up for 2020. Taking orders for 2021.  

Scheduling for 2022 is a bit different as I will be semi retired and only doing 4 quad bed builds for the entire year.  I've listed the four months we are available down below and then that's it for 2022.

We will be in:


PA  16th of March Russell Completed

WI  1st of April Barbour Complete

TX  12th of April Boatwright Complete

AL   24th of April Parks Complete

FLA  6th of May Konick Complete

WVA 19th of May Bobby Complete

VA   20th of May Conroy Complete

VA 21st/22nd of May Complete

MO 30th of May Robbin Norton Complete

MO 12th of June Cindy/Kristie Complete

IL.  30th of June Tomei Complete

AR 3rd of July Garman Complete

Fla. 20th of July Scott and Barbra Completed

Fla. 21st of July Jessica (king size sappy walnut bed) Complete

AR 15th of Aug Full size beach house bed Ella (could do quads if just before or just after) Complete

PA 20th of Aug Lisa Coleman Complete

NO INSTALL SHIP ONLY CA Pickering August 30 completed

MO  Oct Randazzo14th  ship to Completed

WA September 25th Trent ship to completed

IN October 15th Karen. Completed

Co Oct 30 Timothy Barbour Completed

Mo Wethington Nov 8 Completed

IN raed 25 nov. Completed


FL Dec 9/10 Sullivan Barbour

Tx Dec 28 Alisson


Taking reservations for 2020.

CA Frank Feb Completed


CO Jan 20th Coleman Completed

Utah Feb 15th-30th Judy Bryan Completed

MMarch 15 Steve Ind Completed

MA March 18th Deer Completed

FL March 28th Kent

FL April Luke Combs

MO April Betsy Tedman

TN/KY July Loftis-reschedule Aug 15-30

Ga. July Toole-reschedule Aug 4th July 5th-12th. Nj Ottens completed

TN/KY  Loftis-reschedule Aug 15-30

Ga. Toole-reschedule late September

July 12-? Greer MD Completed

September MA. Carville

September Florida Carville

October 4-12 Alpine

October 15 thru November Ottens, Russ.

Lauren Vermont.



December-Collier, Missouri


February1) Dodson  NM


2) Las Cruces, NM (Luke Combs quads)


March Ward Bonne Terre Missouri


May 3rd Ashley -Missouri

May 10th Texas-Maggie-cmade


 June 1st (or sooner) Lindsey Missouri


Mid September Tina North Carolina (3 rooms)

July TBD5th Morelli green lake Wisconsin


End of September Belmar Maryland

 Mid September Tina North Carolina (3 rooms)

 (2rooms) Aug 9th Delaware Jafovsky, NJ Ottens

October (last week of October) Alyssa mtn.view Colorado

November -off

December 2021 your name here;)

March 2022

April 2022 Blanca 
Huddleston, VA 24104

September 2022

October 2022