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Mindi's Florida Loft
Mindi's Florida Loft

Mindi's Florida Loft

$ 3,747.50

To look like the top half of the first photo but scaled for 14'-4"wall

To be no deeper than twin bed plus framework (approx 43") to assuredly fit in front of her window shown in Floorplan photo.

To have video instructions as well as face to face instruction as needed for the installation. 

Paint chosen by Mindi for all facia as well as stained highlights. 

This pricing to include shipping by Jan 15th.

This includes:

2 twin beds

2 bunkie covers

2 top skirts

2 top safety rails

2 under bunk covers

All framework as well as the ladder.


Total price $7495

Deposit on this special order $3747.50

Balance due prior to ship date is another $3747.50