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Optional Safety Rails

These are optional safety rails (keep anyone from rolling off the top bunks) that can be used on any of the Quad bunks for Adults or bunk beds.  

Please read concerning bunkbed safety.

This set made for Luke Combs has NO safety rails and is only recommended for ADULT bunks only. If there is any possibility that children may sleep in the top bunks.  ALL our bunkbeds come standard with horizontal minimal style rails for both top bunkbed areas. Please see the photo below this one.

No safety rails

These brown horizontal minimal safety rails that come with ALL bunkbeds purchased (we do however match the paint for the set your buying.)


These are stationary verticals

These are "drop down" white verticals (for ease of making top bunks)

These are "farm house X" with verticals inbetween


Wide rail farmhouse X

Pueblo X rails

Thin Farmhouse X rails

Tall XV drop down safety rails

Double Horizontal safety rails


Solid Panel Safety Rails (natural wood shown)

Box Safety Rails

Modern Triple framed Safety Rails

Modern Double framed Safety Rails

Rectangle and box (very clean look)

Nautical safety rails

Island safety rails

This is the set we made Luke Combs- they preferred NO safety rails

Single Horizontal Olive safety rails


Stained wide horizontal doubles "framed" safety rails

Metal Baluster Safety rails

Horizontal Cable safety rails