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Just got back from Branson

And now am working on 10 orders for small and large batman shelves.  This keeps our little shop busy with these shelves as well as the kids bed orders.  Hope you guys are enjoying our little corner of the web.  Shipping out a reception desk on Monday and two matching end tables. Its been a week:) But we were  able to take off for the evening at Branson.  Had a good time with the boys and hope to get back soon. Its such a beautiful ride.  We stopped at Busik State park as well for some photos.

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First Post

I am really excited to be posting this as we just made a huge move for us-tying our old website into this new storefront.  We have had and still do have stores in Etsy as well as custom made-this just allows us not to have to pay the huge percentages to another company. Thanks for your support.  

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