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On the road

My family, including my wife Angela, my sons Lee, Solomon, and Samuel as well as my new daughter-in-law Kirsten have all had a part in our lengthy road trips around the country building bunk rooms and guest rooms.  We have also made several different pieces of furniture in our mobile shop outside Home Depot and Lowes using generators and the such. Here is a photo of what this looks like: Sadly to say this portion of our story has come to an end.  Our life has changed into I think so much more.  Samuel went off to the Army, and Lee and Kirsten are having a baby:).  This means more time we need to spend at home with the shop...

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Lazy Susan

We make all sorts of products but I really love the lazy susan.  It's just so usable, I mean it's great on a table inside or outside.  It's awesome for parties and get together's.  The one we sell the most of is the 30".  I buy the best hardware available, the metal ball bearings are almost silent and can take the weight of 330 lbs.  It is also made for a lifetime of practical use and large enough to put plates and condiments as well as food dishes.  The weight is distributed across the full 30" and will not tip or list, it's Fantastic.  The one we are showcasing is the walnut-dark and rich and virtually seamless in the joinery.  I...

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Sensitive to what woods

As a wood worker some of the things I'm up against is being sensitive to different types of woods.  This can be the same for you as a consumer/end user.  I have found a chart for the different toxicities and possible allergies you could be faced with as a consumer.  I hope this helps you in making your selection in furniture in the future:)

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